“She broke rules proving the impossible, demonstrating how potential can be more powerful than experience.”

About Shameema

The CEO of Intuitive Science is a registered Industrial/Organisational Psychologist. Passionate about potential and qualified in human behaviour,

Shameema has committed her intellectual self to various industries, remaining true to her end goal – to make a difference and leave a legacy.

Steeped in the knowledge and practices of Industrial Psychology, she is strongly positioned to unravel people oriented dilemmas. Her forte for talent in the workplace and how to cultivate this asset using Intuitive Intelligence sets her apart in her field.


“Shameema spearheads the vision and crafts the approach taken with each client.”


With the professional capabilities of her associates, Shameema successfully uses specialist task teams for tailored OD interventions and customised boutique forums. Her engaging style and ability to focus, combined with an exceptional grasp for analysis and interpretation, leaves her clients feeling confident in her recommendations.

“With a deep understanding of corporate practices, especially in Human Capital, Shameema sees the value in creativity, fun and games for adult development.”


Meeting the demands of the position you fill, whilst holding onto your authentic self can co-exist!


Pioneering an Organisational Psychology mindset enabled the establishment of a Strategic Assessment and Talent Framework for a large fashion retailer. She broke rules proving the impossible demonstrating how potential can be more powerful than experience.


“Shameema is relentless in her pursuit of excellence and believes mediocrity, is never an option.”


Ethical standards


Intuitive Science offers a professional, organisational psychology service that aims to develop the inner workings of your people strategy linked to the business strategy.

About Intuitive Science

Intuitive Science is a world-class consultancy, offering any business the opportunity to make more informed people decisions. It strives to resolve the talent dilemma and guide decision makers to pursue an objective, scientific choice. Through the use of cutting-edge assessment products and creative coaching sessions, peoples performance will rise.

Intuitive Science is a consultancy born out of reflection and wisdom,

aspiring to disrupt patterns of mediocrity,

with distinction in mind.


It is steeped in Industrial Psychology ideology, rich in positive, solution-orientated approaches, etched with gamification and creative play.


The talent and leadership blueprint which is fine-tuned through the competency mapping process by Intuitive Science ensures that every employee is measured against the behaviours projected for financial success.


“Our ideal client is one willing to invest in their people’s talent right from the source of the journey at the selection, all through the lifecycle of an employee.”




Careers at Intuitive Science

What is your superpower?

Potent Analytical Skills perhaps?

Dynamic Coaching Abilities maybe?

How about Influencing Talents?

Shameema would love to know.

Intuitive Science seeks professional psychologists, psychometrists, coaches, consultants and collaborators excited to work on talent initiatives that contribute towards building organisational effectiveness.


A flexible career choice with Intuitive Science may be the perfect solution to attaining that highly sought after goal of work-life balance.


Join Intuitive Science as an Associate.


Send us your CV and motivate your interest in aligning yourself to Intuitive Science.

Should your track record and superpower meet the requirements of an Intuitive Science project, envisaged OR on-the-go, we will be in touch.