Gamification: Science and Fun…Can these co-exist?

Has the world shifted into a hedonistic gear, where the thought of less or no fun is simply unacceptable? Or has the technological age insisted we become playful androids, resistant to serious tasks understood as valid, reliable and fair psychometric testing? Arguably, there could be a deeper force at play…excuse the pun. Perhaps, it is merely a step towards demystifying a somewhat clinical process and tapping into the inner child of the adult who one assumes is less inhibited, thereby attaining a more authentic reflection of verbal reasoning or abstract ability.

Interesting thought! Irrespective of the views, it is evident that gamification isn’t going anywhere. In fact, it is forging ahead, mostly because it is accepted that it can be done and the curiosity to see its potential has only peeked. Healthy sceptics rightfully query the transferability of the scenarios that range from a simulated intergalactic space station corporation and its real-life impact on the job, seated at a workstation on earth. So, while the experience of engaging the gamified assessment is exhilarating, it can mislead a candidate on so many cues, such as culture and values, when they rock up at their new role as a Training Coordinator. It then brings the question of the level of appropriateness.
At Intuitive Science, the type of gamification built into the psychometrics used isn’t sci-fi but rather a scientific experience that remains in the real world, as opposed to a virtual one. As professionals in business, one must not lose sight that ultimately, we are not hiring or developing avatars, but humans with talent.

So yes, gamify away…but be wise about your selections ensuring they do not compromise on the original purpose intended.