Sense 6.0: An Intuition Test

Find out whether intuition features in your daily approach to work.

In a recent post, by Mindvalley CEO, Vishen Lakhani, shares that in 10 years, business intuition will be as common in Fortune 500 companies as mindfulness is today in business. With respect, I disagree. Intuitive Science anticipates that intuition will become a part of mainstream discussions in 5 years. In fact, it is already on the lips of many directors and executives when they grapple to express the use of some power within individuals, knowing fully that it is NOT cognition, emotion or personality. That there is something else that is profound and real.

While IQ and EQ Tests continue to thrive, with definitive insights offered, there is another realm to our existence, judgement and decision making that begs to be better researched and understood. If you can define it, you can measure it.

Introducing SENSE 6.0 – suggesting that cryptic sixth sense – as a quick Intuition Test, designed to gauge the extent to which you connect with your personal intuition in corporate level. It is a conversation starter and personal reflector on that infamous sense of knowing, that if grasped more deeply and statistically, can alter our day to day functioning in the world of work.

Could this be the subtext of natural intelligence? Have we perhaps, not been reading between the lines? Is it energy with a mind? Whatever it is, in the words of Rumi, “there is a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen.”

Shameema, the CEO of Intuitive Science is taking this further and saying, lets not just listen, let’s strive to define, measure and assess it. In other words, lets set about a path in making intuition so well accessed, that we can talk about it in an evaluative way, develop it, tune it down or up or simply ignore it. It starts with knowing what your individual relationship is with intuition and how to tap into it.

Free Intuition Test: Sense 6.0 Assessment Link