Measuring Creativity: Is it possible to assess for innovation and creativity?

Intuitive Science measures the propensity for creativity with your people.

The need to spot potential to innovate early on in the hiring process has been desired for years by organisational leaders. Ensuring it can be assessed in a valid, reliable and practical way is key. Apart from essential capabilities such as numerical and verbal reasoning, imagine how valuable it could be to obtain insight into a candidate’s propensity for innovation.

Innovation is the most critical factor in gaining a competitive advantage whether it’s through improvements to business processes, enhancements to products and services or by entering new markets. But to innovate requires creativity and the ability to put creative ideas into practical use. This isn’t necessarily associated with creative roles only as most positions require a degree of creativity, even if it’s applied in conceptualisation around the future of the role. Not only should you hire skills to meet the requirements of the role, you should definitely strive to measure for and appoint unusual or unique skills that can be utilised in non-specific areas such as special task teams or niche project work.

At IS, we can measure this talent online and it only takes 15 minutes.

It is a tool that is capable of being used within initial selection processes or as part of team development. This standout, yet simple and effective test, provides a snapshot of the individuals’ innovation. It falls within the Innovation Suite combined with personality, abstract and logical thinking to offer this specific insight of potential to innovate.