More about IS Assessments

Our IS Assessment Categories include:


    • Personality – Personality is a product of nature. It’s derived from the word persona, meaning mask. This display is often what we see demonstrated in an individual promoting the descriptions: he/she is dynamic, outspoken, pleasant or considered. Never underestimate the revealing nature of a personality test, when hiring or developing talent. This dimension of a candidate relates to the likeability and suitability in a predetermined job role. At IS, we offer carefully selected, valuable personality tests used in all decision making.


    • Verbal Reasoning – To comprehend text, read between the lines and quickly apply logic to various work-related documents, is a skill that is measured psychometrically. With the content driven, reading focused world we live in, the ability to capture the essence of executive summaries and written reports accurately, is of paramount importance in a day to day business function.


    • Numerical Reasoning – One of the most common measures of intelligence, is the ability to demonstrate arithmetic skills. Most positions require a form of being able to reason, interpret and make sense of numbers. This is assessed to not only test for aptitude but eliminate the candidate that is clearly not well suited to working with figures in a clear number oriented position. Evaluating this and any form of intelligence can also serve as a gauge of exceptional abilities when they score in the highest percentiles. IS measures this ability for all positions.


    • Abstract Reasoning – Measuring this form of ability will allow one to predict a candidates propensity to conceptualise and make sense of matter that doesn’t necessarily involve words or numbers. It can help predict, who the visionaries and strategic thinkers are in your business.


    • Innovation – Innovation is that factor which sets you apart from the competition. It’s a measure of how a candidate uniquely approaches a solution, a new client or change management initiative. Innovation requires creativity and the ability to translate creative ideas into practical use. IS offers its clients the opportunity to assess creativity potential early on in the talent process and online. It is also a reliable, valid and practical test.


    • Emotional Intelligence – Intuitive Science uses the world’s leading assessment tool used for assessing emotional and social intelligence and an excellent way to understand the emotional competencies of an individual. It provides you with a picture of how you operate emotionally, your areas of strength and potential areas for development. This is an effective tool used to coach individuals at all levels in an organisation.


    • Judgement – Through the use of Situational Judgment type tests and the more in-depth usage of the Cognitive Process Profile (CPP), one’s judgment can be assessed. The insights on these tests can offer an understanding of how a candidate handles complexity and most importantly, how they would make decisions.


    • Cultural Agility – In order to succeed and thrive in this global economy, cultural agility needs to be honed, especially since it does not exist naturally within people – it is something that has to be worked at. It is required that business leaders and organisations learn how to work and adapt effectively across cultures. Managing assumptions and perceptions in a culturally diverse workforce are critical. Knowing how to conduct yourself is equally important. This involves being aware of your own biases and worldviews and adjusting to cultural ambiguities while remaining authentic. Intuitive Science is equipped with a scientific product to measure this necessary, evolving skill set.


    • Integrity – Integrity tests can be used for various purposes. It can serve to significantly reduce the probability of counterproductive work behaviour. Integrity tests add particular value to jobs where security and risk management play an important role such as finance, banking, police and security. It can be used to predict tenure, meaning it gives good insight into whether or not an employee is likely to stay in an organisation, thereby reducing risks in selection and talent development costs.


    • Values and Motivation – One of the key challenges in the screening process is the selection of candidates based on good fit according to corporate values and motivation. The values questionnaire we provide can help you efficiently and reliably identify the motives and values of your applicants and employees. The insight into the motivation affords a starting point from which an employee’s performance and competencies can be developed further.


    • Career Choice – Whether you’re at a life stage of making a career choice or a career change, it is highly recommended that you cross-check and bounce off your decision with an objective, professionally schooled Psychologist in the area of assessments. At Intuitive Science, we will assess you in the most cost-effective process online and generate a list of academic and non-academic options which is best suited to your personality and abilities. It’s an easy, cost-effective process that will guide you on one of the most important paths in your life.